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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Frenesi -- Acetate(アセテート)/Nero

Recently, I was contacted by someone who recommended an artist named Frenesi(フレネシ). A musical act consisting of Nagoya-born Fusako Kumasaki (or Kumazaki)(熊崎ふさ子), according to her J-Wiki profile, in her school days, she composed up to about 50 songs under the name naphthaline squall before releasing her first mini-album in 1999 "Landmark Theater" from Bambini Records under her stage name Frenesi.

In June 2009, Frenesi released her first full album "Cupra"(キュプラ), and so I've listened to the first couple of tracks, "Acetate" and "Nero". The former song is just an introductory prelude before "Nero". However, I quickly got the impression that there's something quite sunny, comfortable and Shibuya-kei/bossa nova with the Frenesi sound. Her breathy and whispery voice reminds me of Kahimi Karie(カヒミ・カリィ)but perhaps it's even more on the cute kittenish side. Sometimes, I think that she was really reaching for some of the higher notes and not quite making it which adds some more adorableness to the delivery.

Including "Cupra", Frenesi released a total of 4 albums up to 2013. She's been on indefinite hiatus since her December 2014 concert in Shibuya, Tokyo. I will give more of her tracks a whirl.


  1. Hello J-Canuck,

    Hey, I almost forgot about Frenesi. I think I heard of her through that old radio show/podcast on CKLN that I keep talking about. I did have Cupra back in the day but lost it during a move to another house.

    I might have to purchase it again.


    1. What was your impression of the entire album? Is it Shibuya-kei?

  2. i love frenesi, anyone recommendations for a cute airy sound like hers?

    1. Hi there. Off the top of my head, I can think of Kahimi Karie and hi-posi.


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