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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Mami Ayukawa -- Cancel no Yoin(キャンセルの余韻)

The first Mami Ayukawa(鮎川麻弥)song that I put onto "Kayo Kyoku Plus" back in early 2017 was the breezy City Pop-feeling "Kaze no No Reply" (風のノー・リプライ), the theme for the anime "Juusenki L-Gaim"(重戦機エルガイム...Heavy Metal L-Gaim).

(30-second excerpt)

Now, I've got her second entry into KKP with her "Cancel no Yoin" which could be translated as "Aftertaste of Cancellation". Perhaps the song is about getting stood up. A track from Ayukawa's 7th album, "Shin Shikai"(新視界...New Angle), released in November 1987, "Cancel no Yoin" has City Pop's sultrier side at the fore with some nice horns in accompaniment. Images include a long walk into the Shinjuku night, most likely east of Shinjuku Station where a lot of the action is.

Ayukawa was responsible for the music while Ikki Matsumoto(松本一起)took care of the lyrics. Will have to look more into her discography. According to her J-Wiki article, she started out in the rock vein, but it appears as if she could handle the urban contemporary stuff just as well.

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