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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Michie Tomizawa -- Voice


Ahhh...yes, the original "Sailor Moon" anime back in the early 1990s. Of course, the Sailors had to keep the Earth safe from all sorts of monsters but the one big reason that I enjoyed the show so much was the screwball comedy. I have yet to see any anime or even live-action series to come up with a sleeping-foot sequence that was so funny. Plus, another source of humour was the love-hate relationship between Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. Usagi bristled at Rei's holier-than-thou attitude while Rei often despised Usagi's natural goofiness. It was no wonder that I always see Mars as being the crankiest of all of the Sailors.

Fortunately, Sailor Mars' seiyuu, Michie Tomizawa(富沢美智恵), seems far less crankier than her famous character. I discovered another tune by her, and this time for a change, it's neither related to "Sailor Moon" nor Christmas.

From her November 1994 mini-album, I give you the title track "Voice". As soon as I heard the arrangement, I knew it was so imbued with 1990s pop feeling, thanks to that certain synthesizer and the rap of those drums. With Tomizawa herself behind the lyrics and Ryo Ogura(小倉良)taking care of the melody, "Voice" is a very bouncy and happy tune that could probably describe a walk with Sailor Moon or even a performance by her other teammate Sailor Venus.

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