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Friday, April 2, 2021

Tadao Inoue -- Nijuu-ni Shoku no Shuumatsu(22色の週末)


I not only love that 12-year-old photo I took on my tiny Casio of southern Shinjuku but also the cover for this 1979 album "Dancing Shadows" by the late singer-songwriter Daisuke Inoue(井上大輔)when he was still going by his real name Tadao Inoue(井上忠夫). That photo of a gigantic beaming version of him sitting on Manhattan (and I mean no offense by showing the cover of him sitting on top of the Twin Towers) seems to have him feeling as if the world was indeed his oyster.

Plus, this song from "Dancing Shadows", "Nijuu-ni Shoku no Shuumatsu" (22-Colour Weekend) has all sorts of Friday night City Pop written all over it. Bluesy saxophone, relaxing Fender Rhodes and Inoue's calming vocals bringing forth this mix of bossa nova and urban contemporary mellowness make the coming of the weekend all worthwhile. Inoue was behind the music while his wife, Yoko Inoue(井上洋子), provided the lyrics.

Not quite sure what the 22 colours in the title refer to, but perhaps it may be the different pastel shades in a typical dusky sky...hopefully not made photochemically.

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