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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LÄ-PPISCH -- Payapaya (パヤパヤ)

Well, when it comes to J-Ska, it isn't necessarily only Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Back in the Gunma days, I used to see this Toyota commercial which featured this bouncy tune and in the corner was the name LÄ-PPISCH. I didn't even know how to pronounce this name, let alone know anything else about this ska group.

As it is, it sounds like repisshu according to the katakana(レピッシュ)name. The group was formed all the way back in 1983 but didn't make its major debut until September 1987, and it was with this same bouncy tune that I heard as a campaign song for the Toyota Starlet as the decade turned. "Payapaya". Vocalist and trumpeter MAGUMI wrote the lyrics exhorting all listeners to bop about and party as if it were 1999. Guitarist Kyoichi Sugimoto(杉本恭一)came up with the fun the intro trumpets, by the way.

The current lineup for LÄ-PPISCH is MAGUMI, Sugimoto and bassist TATSU. Up to this date, the group has released 14 singles and 12 studio albums.

And the above is the commercial where I first heard "Payapaya". I hope no one was injured.

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