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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ryoko Hirosue -- summer sunset

Like most people, I remember of Ryoko Hirosue (広末涼子) mainly for her roles in movies (I loved “WASABI” so much that I even recorded it on VHS, and I need to watch the ridiculously entertaining “Bubble Fiction” [バブルへGO!!] once more), but she also had a successful career as a J-Pop aidoru singer. Not that the girl was a great singer, but her cute voice surely wasn’t a problem for an aidoru listener.

The one song I usually listen from Ryoko is “summer sunset”, a bright summer song with lovely “fake” strings (synths doing the job here) and an uplifting melody during the chorus. I almost hop a little while listening to Ryoko’s sugary delivery here. Thanks to this positive vibe, I usually listen to it while traveling to Rio de Janeiro in a hot sunny day.

“summer sunset” was released as Ryoko’s fourth single in May 1998. It reached #5 on the Oricon charts, selling 221,740 copies. Lyrics and music were composed by Kohmi Hirose (広瀬香美), while the arrangement was done by Takeshi Fujii (藤井丈司).


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  1. Ahhhh....way back when Ryoko was just a high school kid. I remember when I first saw her on an old commercial where she was talking to the camera from atop a playground structure.

    I had completely forgotten about this by Kohmi Hirose. Good to hear it again. Thanks for putting this one up.


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