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Friday, June 5, 2015

Genki Rockets -- Star Line

About something close to a year passed by after the release of Genki Rockets' debut single, "Heavenly Star" with that intriguing video starring the character of Lumi, until the unit's first album, "Genki Rockets I - Heavenly Star" was finally released in July 2008. I wasn't quite sure how the fandom was feeling about the extended time between debut single and debut album, but I recall feeling being pretty interested in getting this long-awaited album...which I did at the HMV at Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku (the HMV has since been replaced by a Uniqlo).

Just a month before the album's rollout, Genki Rockets had their 2nd single make its appearance, "Star Line". With more of a rock beat and urgency in the music when compared to the soaringly hopeful "Heavenly Star", the music video was something that had probably been anticipated as well. Instead of the A-Ha style that was used in the "Heavenly Star" video, there was more of a "realistic" look to Lumi which pretty much put the stamp on the fact that she was portrayed by a real flesh-and-blood girl instead of being a terrifyingly accurate computer program.

As was the case with "Heavenly Star", "Star Line" was written by the triumvirate of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Kenji Tamai and Kaori Fukano(水口哲也・玉井健二・深野香)and composed by Yusuke Tanaka(田中ユウスケ). The gains were a bit more modest here with "Star Line" getting as high as No. 43 when compared to the No. 24 of "Heavenly Star".

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