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Monday, June 1, 2015

m-flo Loves MINMI -- Lotta Love's so sparkly! Yup, I did pick up m-flo's "Award Super Nova - Loves Best" album with accompanying DVD back in the day since I kept seeing those catchy videos by the duo on Space Shower TV back in Japan.

And one of those m-flo videos was for "Lotta Love" which actually had come out a couple of years earlier on "m-flo inside - WORKS BEST II" in 2006. I have to say that the video does stand out at how these kids could bust a move (while I risk busting a hip just walking the wrong way) , almost terrifyingly so. They were some pretty talented students, some of whom can probably enter real clubs legally now.

The song was performed by m-flo and MINMI, an Osaka singer of hip-hop and reggae. One of the things about m-flo's "LOVE" collaborations is that although the duo has worked with people that I have known such as Bonnie Pink and Akiko Wada, I've also gotten to hear singers that I probably would have never have gotten a chance to hear such as MINMI, Emyli and Emi Hinouchi(日之内エミ). Although I'm not really big into hip-hop, it's been nice to listen to some of these collaborations that are very different from what I usually put on the player.

However, it's not the first time I've heard a song under the title of "Lotta Love". My first love for "Lotta Love" will always be with Nicolette Larson's urban 70s classic written by Neil Young.

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