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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Higurashi -- Fuyu no Yoru(冬の夜)

Yup, the Kanto is still digging itself out of the big snowstorm it got hit with back on Sunday night, and things are getting colder again here in Toronto, so winter is nowhere near done with us yet.

Well, allow me to bring back folk group Higurashi(日暮し)with one of their early singles, "Fuyu no Yoru" (Winter Night) from December 1974. Written and composed by Higurashi guitarist, Seiichi Takeda(武田清一), the song goes down like a comforting cup of cocoa and basically that's what "Fuyu no Yoru" is all about...just a couple enjoying a quiet night in some lodge or even an apartment unit together while the snow is falling outside.

I think the song is not totally folk simply because of those lush strings. They rather add a more kayo feeling to the proceedings. Not that I'm complaining here; it is a restful song. I'm just hoping that all of the folks in Tokyo and environs have managed to get a hold on the weather and kicking back for the night.


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