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Monday, January 22, 2018

Shinkichi Mitsumine -- Battle of Rose

Yesterday was the first anime-and-food session of the year so of course, there was the anison hour as is customary. Once in a while, my friend has put on an instrumental that has always struck me as being rather cool.

It's kinda too bad though that I never really got into the anime it was part of. My friend once gave me a copy of the most recent incarnation of "Rozen Maiden"(ローゼンメイデン)but beyond the first few episodes, I have never given it another glance since I simply never gained any interest in a group of snarky sentient dolls pushing around a former hikikomori.

However, for the original anime more than a decade ago, I have to admit that composer Shinkichi Mitsumine(光宗信吉)came up with a pretty kakkoii sequence in "Battle of Rose". It sounds like a fleet musical passage by one of the masters of classical music then having someone like James Newton Howard or Hans Zimmer have at it with an electric guitar and some snappy contemporary percussion. Forget dolls...have the Three Musketeers go into battle in the castle to this music!

For those who don't already have the album, the track is on the original soundtrack for "Rozen Maiden" which was released back in January 2005. En garde!

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