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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Katsuo Ono -- Main Theme from "Detective Conan"

Was listening to some anison last night when I came across a familiar song for which I hear an excerpt every Thursday night when I catch the show. The program is "Meitantei Conan"(名探偵コナン...Detective Conan)about the pint-sized detective with attitude and whenever they show the "Next Time On..." segment, the super-charged horns led by a saxophone take charge for 30 seconds. It's probably the only time that fans usually can hear it since the anime likes to have an ever-changing lineup of opening and closing themes.

As it turns out, that is indeed the main theme for the show or the character. Not sure whether there is a specific title but it just seems to be titled "Main Theme". Whatever the case may be, it's got some pretty jazzy and funky oomph surrounding a kid tec...mind you, Conan is a genius who has, as far as I know, never lost a case. By the same token, he and his little friends disturbingly end up discovering a lot of dead bodies. It's a wonder that the relevant government ministries haven't sent in social workers to scoop up the Junior Detective League.

One thing that had been niggling at me about the famous theme song is its familiarity. There was something quite nostalgic about the arrangement. And then I realized who the composer was. It was none other than Katsuo Ono(大野克夫), the same fellow who came up with the iconic theme song for the 1970s Japanese cop show "Taiyo ni Hoero"(太陽にほえろ).

I think Ono probably even got all of the original musicians for that theme song to record the theme for "Conan". The kid should be properly flattered. Probably somewhere on YouTube, some enterprising person has made a video with all of the characters running around like mad around the city while the theme song is playing...just as in the opening credits of "Taiyo no Hoero".

Although I'm very late in the game when it comes to watching "Conan", I can assume that the main theme was recorded when the anime was released back in 1996.

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