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Friday, January 28, 2022

Mayo Nagata -- Twilight in the Memories


Last March, I saw that saucy poster of Mayo Nagata(永田真代)in the pages of "Myojo"(明星)and then went to investigate whether any of her discography was up on YouTube. Indeed, I was fortunate to find some songs up there including "Through the Night", fully imbued with the R&B of the time as a track on her March 1990 debut album "Pathos".

The good times continue here with another track from "Pathos", "Twilight in the Memories" which was also written by Eiko Kyo(許瑛子)but this time, the melody was provided by Akihiko Kawakami(川上明彦). All of the tracks on "Pathos", by the way, were produced and arranged by Masaaki Omura(大村雅朗).

"Twilight in the Memories" also has plenty of cool soul and a good measure of sultriness once more due to Nagata's vocals. Japan may have been on the verge of having its bubble burst in 1990, but this particular song still has me thinking of the bright lights, big city and boffo nightlife. It's got the smooth groove, and heck, I'll always welcome a bluesy sax solo.

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