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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Sachiko Nishida -- Dou Sureba Ii no(どうすればいいの)

Digging into my Trekkie geekiness, I always had some sympathy for USS Enterprise Nurse Christine Chapel because she held a long-burning torch for First Officer Mr. Spock. Perhaps the torch finally burned out by the time of the first few movies, but in the original series, Chapel had a huge heart for Starfleet's star Vulcan which probably distracted him to no end since he could never return any love to her.

Listening to this light Mood Kayo ballad by Sachiko Nishida(西田佐知子), "Dou Sureba Ii no" (What Should I Do?) reminded me of that tension between Chapel and Spock right from the lyrics by Takashi Umemoto(梅本たかし). I think the protagonist in this song may be a hostess in Ginza who's been trying her hardest to melt that icy heart of her client through dancing and drinking but to no avail. He's like a Vulcan after Kolinahr. She's now stuck for solutions. Glad the music by Shizuo Nakano(中野静雄)is pretty jaunty considering the situation. I do love the organ and Nishida's resonant voice.

"Dou Sureba Ii no" wasn't part of a single but it was a track on the September 1969 album "Hoshi no Nightclub"(星のナイト・クラブ...Star Nightclub).

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