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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


It may just be a Monday but I think it's still great to be out there on a summer night like tonight doing the al fresco thing with some friends or work colleagues. Mind you, it could be a little hot and humid out there but as long as the beer is flowing cold...

Takaki Horigome(堀込泰行)of the band Kirinji(キリンジ)has also done some solo work since the mid-2000s, and if his own output is like what he has done with the band, then I'm all in for it. His "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT" from his October 2018 album "What A Wonderful World" sounds very promising if I decide to try out some of his stuff. It all comes across as simultaneously old-style R&B, spacey pop and magical music. Perhaps it was made for couples walking along the boardwalk in the evening somewhere.

The video is also quite noteworthy as the camera simply focuses on actress/model Rena "Non" Nounen(能年玲奈)as she seems to go through some major internal crisis during the four minutes and change of "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT" before finding some sort of catharsis by the end. Well, it's either that or she really needs some extra-strength Tylenol.

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