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Friday, July 5, 2019

Portable Rock -- Cinemic Love

About three years ago, I revealed a bit of the Divine Ms. Maki Nomiya's(野宮真貴)past, via "Haru Shite, Koi Shite, Mitsumete, Kiss Shite" (春して、恋して、見つめて、キスして), way before she entered Shibuya-kei legend as the vocalist of Pizzicato Five. She started out as a solo singer before she hooked up with bassist Nobuo Nakahara (中原信雄) and guitarist Tomofumi Suzuki (鈴木智文) in 1983 to form the New Wave unit Portable Rock(ポータブル・ロック).

Now, here's something a little milder from the band's 2nd album "Q.T." (1985) called "Cinemic Love". I tried looking up that first word but it doesn't exist in the Oxford Dictionary with the closest variant being cinematic. No matter. It's still a sweet mid-tempo pop number without too much techno or New Wave in there, and just from listening to it, it's hard to believe that it is indeed Nomiya behind the mike, although she sounds great.

From Yahoo Auctions

The following year, the album was released again but this time including  "Haru Shite, Koi Shite, Mitsumete, Kiss Shite", so it was re-titled "Q.T.+1". The cover for the original album can be seen here.

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