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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Chikuzen Sato -- Sunny Sunday Morning '09

It's a very summery Sunday morning as I write this. The fan is already on here as things have become fairly stuffy in the old abode.

Allow me to start with something classy and appropriate to go with your Sunday breakfast/brunch. I found this smooth and jazzy number called "Sunny Sunday Morning '09" as performed by J-AOR crooner extraordinaire Chikuzen Sato(佐藤竹善)and composed by veteran Katsuhisa Hattori(服部克久). This was a track on Sato's 5th album in his "Cornerstones" series of cover songs with the subtitle of "Free as a Bird" back in November 2012. However, the song had been recorded three years earlier as a track on Hattori's 50th anniversary album "Hattori Katsuhisa Ongakuka Seikatsu Go-juu Shuunen Kinen Concert"(服部克久音楽家生活50周年記念コンサート...Katsuhisa Hattori's Songwriter Life 50th Anniversary Memorial Concert).

That lovely harmonica, the silky strings and the soft guitar accompany Sato in something that reminds me of some of those jazz standards from my childhood and television experiences. I couldn't find out who provided the lyrics for "Sunny Sunday Morning '09", but I can imagine that it was Sato. As for the cover of "Cornerstones 5", I would probably eschew the cigar and booze that Sato is holding and go for something tons of bacon, sausage and other processed meats along with the Eggs Benedict slathered in Hollandaise Sauce.😈😈

Oh, and by the way, for another Sunday-themed tune, you can try out Yutaka Yokokura's(横倉裕)"Warm & Sunny Sunday Morning" from 1988.

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