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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Hiroko Moriguchi -- ETERNAL WIND~Hohoemi wa Hikaru Kaze no Naka~(ほほえみは光る風の中)

My anime buddy provided me with "Gundam Build Divers"(ガンダムビルドダイバーズrecently, and to be honest, it hasn't really grabbed me, although he told me that it took until Episode 7 for things to really get going. I just finished Episode 3, and I'm already starting to think of letting this one go, but I will play it by ear.

Anyways, this isn't the first time that tarento and former 80s aidoru Hiroko Moriguchi(森口博子)has appeared in "Kayo Kyoku Plus" with JTM introducing her in his grand article "JTM's 80s Playlist - J-Dorama/Anime/Movie Edition" from nearly 5 years ago (look for entry No. 6). That entry spoke about her debut single, "Mizu No Hoshi E Ai Wo Komete"(水の星へ愛をこめて)as a theme song for one of the many "Gundam" shows that have appeared over the decades.

I've also mentioned in a past article that my personal recollections about her exclusively talked about her status as an overall giggly comedic tarento and impersonator. Just before she made her big break in the 1980s, she received her training with The School Mates(スクールメイツ), an entertainment group in which she often appeared on TV as a background dancer. Basically, her surprise appearance on the Fuji-TV noon time variety show "Waratte Ii Tomo"(笑っていいとも!)as shown above was as one of the School Mates.

I'd had no idea until my anime buddy informed me that Moriguchi was known in anime circles as "The Gundam Oneesan" for her contributions to the franchise's anison.

Additionally, I had assumed that "Kido Senshi Gundam Formula 91"(機動戦士ガンダムF91...Mobile Suit Gundam F91)was another in a line of Gundam TV series, but actually, it turned out to be a movie released in March 1991.

Moriguchi was tasked to sing the theme song for the movie, "ETERNAL WIND~Hohoemi wa Hikaru Kaze no Naka~" (Smile in the Shining Wind). Written by singer-songwriter Yui Nishiwaki(西脇唯)and composed by Nishiwaki and Yoko Osatohara(緒里原洋子...I hope I've got the name right), it's a pretty uplifting song with that taste of pop-rock from that period of time.

"ETERNAL WIND" was also Moriguchi's 9th single from February 1991 which has proven to be her most successful single thus far, peaking at No. 9, and finishing the year as the 47th-ranked song. Apparently, it was also used as the ending theme for the Sony Playstation 2 game "Kido Senshi Gundam Climax U.C."(機動戦士ガンダム クライマックスU.C.)released in March 2006.

Hey, why not leave things off with one of Moriguchi's most popular impressions...that of Shizuka Kudo(工藤静香)?


  1. Talking about impressions, Masako Mori was extraordinarily good. In one tour de force, she made guests Shizue Abe, Mari Amachi and Harumi Miyako crack up as she did spot on impressions of them. Rumiko Koyanagi was also sat there, and Masako has been known to do Rumiko impressions too, so presumably it just wasn't included in the clip.

  2. That costume she wore on that episode of Iitomo (red long sleeve trainer and white tennis skirt) is said to be the trademark costume of the Mates. Other idols who successfully came out of the group are the Candies (the only trio to do so), Chiemi Hori, Iyo Matsumoto and Yu Hayami.

    The latter three, alongside Hiroko-chan, showed up as the Mates on an special hour-long episode of UTAGE last year, dancing to Young Man!


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