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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

N'Shukugawa BOYS -- Monogatari wa Chito? Fuantei(物語はちと?不安定)

Once again, during my nocturnal traipses through the amusement park known as YouTube, I encountered something very new, intriguing and yet old-fashioned at the same time within the genre of Japanese pop music.

I played the video for N'Shukugawa BOYS'(N'夙川ボーイズ)"Monogatari wa Chito? Fuantei" (The Story's A Bit? Unstable), and for a guy who's not all that into rock music, I kinda found the song pretty listenable. As for the old-fashioned part, my eyes were glued to the video as band members guitarist/vocalist Maaya LOVE(マーヤLOVE), guitarist/vocalist Linda dada(リンダdada)and guitarist Shinnosuke BOYs(シンノスケBOYs)strutted about the totally white room like some post-punk artists from the early 1980s. Sheena and the Rokkets certainly came to mind. All that nostalgia watching the early music videos on local TV back as a youth was starting to flow through me as well.

N'Shukugawa BOYS had their run between 2007 and 2016, and according to J-Wiki, they all decided to become a band under Taro Okamoto's(岡本太郎)Tower of the Sun building from Expo' 70. The members are all from Nishinomiya City in Hyogo Prefecture which I also mentioned in last night's article.

As for the unusual name of the band, Shukugawa is the Shuku River that flows through southeastern Hyogo while the N' part is the name of the cafe that Shinnosuke BOYs' grandmother runs along that river. Including Japan, N'Shukugawa BOYS have also performed in international venues such as London and Paris. During their near-decade career, they released seven albums of varying sizes and seven singles.

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