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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Yutaka Yokokura with Pauline Wilson -- Warm & Sunny Sunday Morning

First full day of Autumn 2018, and although it's not exactly warm out there (14 degrees C at last count), it's gorgeously sunny and a nice walk will be enough to have folks work up a bit of a sweat.

Some months ago, I found this wonderful ballad, "Love Light" (1978) by kotoist and keyboardist, Yutaka Yokokura(横倉裕), which brought back all of the loveliness of some of my favourite music from the late 70s into the early 80s.

Now, here is another great track from Yokokura from his "Yutaka" album of 1988. Apparently, it's actually him singing "Warm & Sunny Sunday Morning" alongside Pauline Wilson. It's a nice combination of bossa nova and smooth jazz and his koto to go with that brunch of Eggs Benedict and a cup of coffee. "Love Light" the album might be one of those hard-to-find purchases, but here's hoping that "Yutaka" will be a bit more easier for me.

P.S. This has nothing to do whatsoever with the song, but last night, JTM and I were having a chat and he told me about this fellow who has a blog which seems to be a twin of mine. Actually, I only use "twin" because his Blogger layout is identical to mine. His topic is Japanese words, slang and other expressions, and if you're interested in picking up some of the lingo, you can check out "Japanese Word of the Day".

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