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Friday, September 25, 2015

Junk Fujiyama -- Schedar (シェダル)

It's been a while since I could funk to the Junk (OK...I wasn't trying to be obliquely obscene there). And to be honest, Junk Fujiyama's "Schedar" isn't anywhere in the R&B genre. This was the singer-songwriter's 3rd CD single (he had already had a lot of singles out...mostly through limited download) from January 2013, and it's a happy straight-on pop piece about how much in love he is. By the way, the above video is just a small excerpt of it.

First off, I was wondering about the title. Fujiyama's lyrics relate about his love is just so far-ranging that it has blasted off into the cosmos. When I punched in the katakana for Schedar into the rest of J-Wiki, I was ultimately taken to the English Wikipedia to the article for the star in the constellation of Cassiopeia known as Alpha Cassiopeiae. The star is also known as Schedar. I think the woman of his dreams should be quite flattered at how far his love goes.

Yoshihiko Chino(知野芳彦)came up with the music that one YouTube commenter, 10CPhil, likened to an 80s anthem. Right from the beginning, "Schedar" sounds like it is the theme for a regular high school kid from that decade (like me, except far cooler and trimmer) in his mullet hairdo racing down through his neighbourhood on his bike to pick up his girl for a fun's a PG movie.

Anyways, the CD single only got as high as No. 138 on Oricon. The song also got onto his 6th album from March 2013, "Junk Scape" which peaked at No. 81. My first encounter with the song was on his BEST compilation, "Kazemachi"(風街). Perhaps Junk hasn't gotten as much fame as he deserves but his fans and I know what and who we like.

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