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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

KAN -- Yokereba Issho ni (よければ一緒に)

Though I discovered KAN early on in my Japanese music escapades - he was the first other singer I tried listening to besides Chage and Aska - I don't listen to him all that much. In fact, it had been quite a long while since I touched any song related to him. It was only within the last couple of days when I had the urge to revisit "Yoteidori Guzen ni" (予定どおりに偶然に), a collaboration between him and C&A's ASKA, did I finally hear the preppy-looking singer-songwriter's somewhat high and pleasant vocal delivery again.

While enjoying the jaunty tune that is "Yoteidori Guzen ni", I was sifting through the suggested videos part of the page in order to find something else by KAN, and that was when I came across "Yokereba Issho ni". I took a liking to this song immediately upon hearing it's breezy, laid-back style that is comparable to the feeling of taking a leisurely stroll on a Sunday afternoon. And what made me appreciate it more was the meaning behind it. As I found out online, "Yokereba Issho ni" translates to something on the line of "Would you like to come along with me?", so I'm guessing that's what the song is about: the fellow thinking that it would be more of a joy if this particular person (KAN's lyrics did not really specify, so it could be that special one or just a friend) were to join him on his journey through life. It sounds like a good theme song for a couple of the anime I watch, like "Natsume Yuujincho" (夏目友人帳) or "Shirokuma Cafe" (しろくまカフェ) where the theme of friendship is evident.

I wonder why he's dressed as a cop/security guard...

"Yokereba Issho ni" was KAN's 32nd single, released on 10th February 2010. It did alright on the Oricon charts, peaking at 49th place.

Just as a side note here, but I think KAN's voice is really suited for sweet, feel-good songs like this.

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  1. Hello, Noelle.

    Yup, I'd have to agree that this would have made for a nice opening theme for "Shirokuma Cafe". It's very comfortable and it's good to see the fellow again still active 20 years after he came out with his big hit "Ai wa Katsu". As for the police uniform in the 2nd video, I think he's a tad old for cosplay. :)


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