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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kimiko Kasai -- Mmm Mmm Good

Aw, man. I just received Kimiko Kasai's(笠井紀美子)fine City Pop album, "Tokyo Special" (1977) not too long ago, and then I come across this smooth-as-silk number by her from the early 80s. And now, I'm starting to get ravenous about acquiring the album it came out on, "Love Talk" (1984). The album apparently isn't at CD Japan but the site has a BEST compilation which does have "Mmm Mmm Good".

The term "Mmm Mmm Good" up to now always had me thinking of chicken soup. Namely, the ancient slogan and jingle from Campbell Soup. Well, this "Mmm Mmm Good" by Kasai is chicken soup for the ears and the soul to me. But the foodie image it evokes is not of good ol' Campbell. Instead, I think of a fine Belgian chocolate fondue coating some strawberries and cubes of pound cake. The song and Kasai's vocals sound so smooth and cool; it reminds me of some of the slow and sultry American R&B I used to hear in the early 80s. It was created by Alan Roy Scott and Lyndie White who each had a hand in helping out some of those old names like Cyndi Lauper, Luther Vandross, Patti LaBelle and Rockwell.

Well, I gotta now think about my options for purchases yet again. Mind you, it's a nice problem to have...trying to think of which albums to get first.

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