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Friday, July 8, 2016

Anri -- Girls In Summer

It wouldn't be a "Kayo Kyoku Plus" summer without an Anri(杏里)song to throw into the mix. Here is "Girls in Summer" from her 16th album "Moana Lani" which was released in June 1992. I did acquire this album via the Eye-Ai mail order system, and "Girls in Summer" was one of the standout tracks, although the album as a whole hasn't really occupied that grand a place in my memories of Anri's discography.

The same trio behind Anri's late 80s full embrace of an earlier brand of American R&B, Yumi Yoshimoto(吉元由美), Yasuharu Ogura(小倉泰治)and Anri herself, was also behind the production of "Moana Lani". However with "Girls in Summer", the three decided to go for the sound of a laid back Hawaiian sunset from the comfort of a lanai instead of the rambunctious horns. In fact, my impression has been that the singer-songwriter was melodically heading for the 50th State from the 31st State of California as the 90s went by. And basically my interest in her work was starting to wane as the decade progressed.

"Moana Lani" peaked at No. 3 on Oricon and became the 25th-ranked album for 1992.

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