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Friday, July 8, 2016

Jun & Nene -- Aisurutte Kowai (愛するってこわい)

Doing my usual maintenance of the blog, I came across nikala's old article about "Taiyou no Wasuremono"(太陽の忘れもの)by the duo Jun & Nene(じゅん&ネネ). Any presence of the song online disappeared long ago as of 2013 since I was the one who placed the unfortunate notice once the powers-that-be took down the lone video.

Feeling rather sorry for the forlorn article without a song (this will sound corny but I do treat all of the articles somewhat like my children), I decided to search for a Jun & Nene song that still has a presence. For example, there is "Aisurutte Kowai" (Falling In Love Is Scary) from July 1968. Nikala mentioned it in passing in her article, and this is the ladies' first single after making a reset of their name which had been Cookies (I guess the fans didn't bite....oh ho ho) but then changed into the more straight-ahead Jun & Nene.

This was the duo's first big hit as well as their most successful hit. It managed to peak at No. 13 and is probably the one song that gets performed all the time if and when Jun & Nene make an appearance on those old kayo shows. Written by Akari Yamaguchi(山口あかり)and composed by Masaaki Hirao(平尾昌晃), there is a nice and innocent little tango feeling to the melody while the lyrics talk about the Charlie Brown syndrome of simply not being able to confess one's feelings to another person and having to settle for loving from afar. It's certainly one of those go-to tropes whenever a high school drama is broadcast.

As for basic information on Jun & Nene, you can check out nikala's article.

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