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Monday, July 18, 2016

Kingo Hamada -- Kaifu Tsushin (海風通信)

After a refreshing weekend of cooler temperatures and low humidity, we're all back in the mugginess of a summer in Toronto. Rather lousy timing of having to get back to work this Monday in this sort of weather. Plus, listening to this track from Kingo Hamada's(濱田金吾)1981 album "Feel The Night" (do love that typography) will not help matters...I just wanted to hit a hammock on hearing this gentle breeze of a song called "Kaifu Tsushin" (Sea Breeze Communication).

It's songs like this one that make for a fine counterpoint to all of those high-kicking aidoru tunes by folks like Matchy that were all the rage in that year. Just get that cocktail with the maraschino cherry and umbrella and sip it all down while you're listening to "Kaifu Tsushin". Quite the timely entry, too, since I believe it is/was Marine Day in Japan today. I couldn't find out for sure but I am assuming that Hamada wrote and composed this ballad.

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