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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Keiko Okuda -- Yume Kudasai ~ Chi-Teki-Yuu-Yuu(夢ください―知・的・優・遊―)

This is one of the more elegant and exotic 80s aidoru tunes that I've come across. So, perhaps I shouldn't be all that surprised since it was composed by Koji Tamaki(玉置浩二), the charismatic vocalist of Anzen Chitai(安全地帯).

Keiko Okuda's(奥田圭子)debut single is "Yume Kudasai ~ Chi-Teki-Yuu-Yuu" (Give Me Your Dreams ~ Intellectual Gentle Play) from February 1985. It was also used for a Pilot fountain pen ad, and though I'm not totally reassured on my translation for that subtitle, there's an element in Keiichi Oku's(奥慶一)arrangement that makes me think that this could have been put into enka mode, but that's just my deranged opinion. Minori Suzui(鈴井みのり)came up with the lyrics that I think are about the vagaries of love.

Another interesting thing about "Yume Kudasai" which truly feels like it's taking place in some sort of dream world (the music video helps with the illusion) is in the refrain when there are two voices working together. There are Okuda's high-toned sighing vocals but then there is that really low vocal giving some subtext, it seems. I think that might be her voice as well but it's the first time in an aidoru song that I've heard a singer going really high and really low.

"Yume Kudasai" peaked at No. 32 for Okuda.

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