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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Yuko Tomita -- Yanagi ni Dakarete(柳に抱かれて)

It seems that Yuko Tomita(とみたゆう子)has ranged somewhat among pop, City Pop and AOR but for this one particular song, she may have also dabbled a bit into the synthpop as well.

"Yanagi ni Dakarete" (Embraced by the Willows) begins with a cute synthesizer and then Tomita's coquettish vocals come in for a pop song that fills in with a whole number of synthetic sounds. Sounds rather Sakamoto-esque. Although Tomita has often helped out in creating her songs, for this one, Miku/Mirai Maeda(前田未来)and Yoshihide Maeda(前田義秀)took care of words and music respectively. The song was a track on Tomita's first album "Colours" released in September 1981.

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