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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ogata Project -- Delicious Fragrance

Delicious fragrance? A bit of a tough call since I do love me all kinds of dishes but I gotta go with some sirloin steak, fresh off the grill and medium-rare. A zesty peppercorn sauce helps, too.

This isn't a food blog, of course, but I actually have found a musical version of delicious fragrance, and the song even has the title of "Delicious Fragrance". It's a track from a collection of soothing tunes called "Navigation To Islands" released in 1986. Each of the tracks have been produced as projects by musicians Yasuharu Ogura(小倉泰治), Junya Hasegawa(長谷川純也)and Yasuo Ogata(緒方泰男).

The Ogata Project has taken care of the atmospheric "Delicious Fragrance", and though sizzling steaks don't come to mind when I listen to it, it's a very soothing audio equivalent of comfort food nonetheless. Ogata took care of the composing and arrangement for the track which seems to go by faster than its 4:53 would indicate. Perhaps now I think the scent that I could analogize it with is the very pleasant one when one hits a hot spring in Japan...and then after that, I can have the steak!

As for Yasuo Ogata, I couldn't find a lot about him but from what few scraps I could glean from J-Wiki and elsewhere is that he is a keyboardist who has worked since the 1970s with artists such as Ginji Ito(伊藤銀次)and Sugar Babe. He was also involved with Ito together in the Bye-Bye Session Band(バイバイ・セッション・バンド) between 1975 and 1977. I was lucky enough to find this photo of this band at the Nishi-Nippon Shinbun website. Ogata is second from the right while Ito is standing next to him on the right.

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