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Monday, December 23, 2019

Carmen Maki -- Never On A Monday

And now we come to the end of another broadcast day...

On this eve of Christmas Eve, I will finish things off tonight with a Carmen Maki(カルメン・マキ)song. Now, from what I've heard of her reputation and according to the CD of her BEST material that my good friend and drummer, Hiro, gave me many years ago, she was this rather iconic rocker.

However, the very first Maki song that I put up on "Kayo Kyoku Plus" back in 2016 was a folk song which was her debut single all the way back in 1969. This time, though, I did find something of hers more in the rock vein, "Never On A Monday".

First appearing as a track from her June 1979 album "Night Stalker", "Never On A Monday" blasts off with some fine drums before Maki chimes in. I don't know very deeply about the various types of rock music (so please feel free to give insights about her here), but there's something kinda reminiscent of the duo Heart (although that cover of "Night Stalker" rather screams Pat Benatar) when I hear Maki's grand vocals and the overall music. Perhaps it's more along the lines of folk rock or pop rock? Plus, considering the time period, maybe there's even just a hint of New Wave in there. It has the feeling of something anthemic.

"Never On A Monday" was also the B-side to a Maki EP, "It's Only Rock'n Roll" which was released in 1980.

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