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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tsunaki & Midori -- Futari(ふたり)

The first time I mentioned about the husband-&-wife duo of Tsunaki & Midori(つなき&みどり)was through their love ballad "Ai no Banka"(愛の挽歌)which I've described as being somewhat sultry in a jazzy way.

Well, their 3rd single from July 1973, "Futari" (A Couple) has got more of a different feeling in that I imagine a Japanese version of Ike & Tina Turner blasting out a kayo with a rock edge to it. But once again, the duo behind "Ai no Banka" were also responsible for "Futari", lyricist Jun Hashimoto(橋本淳)and composer Kyohei Tsutsumi(筒美京平). Although I wouldn't consider it City Pop, the overall feel to the song makes me think that the story here is taking place deep in the metropolis. Some nice bossy brass in there, too.

Getting as high as No. 63 on Oricon, "Futari" sold a little over 20,000 records. One of the other bits of trivia I've picked up here is that Tsunaki Mihara(三原綱木)actually became the leader of Hiromi Go's(郷ひろみ)backing band in 1976.

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