I would like to give credit where credit is due. Videos are from YouTube and other sources such as NicoNico while Oricon rankings and other information are translated from the Japanese Wikipedia unless noted.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Oricon Top 10 Download Singles of 2019

1.  Kenshi Yonezu                    Lemon
2.  Kenshi Yonezu                    Uma to Shika
3.  Aimyon                               Marigold
4.  Back Number                      Happy Birthday
5.  Masaki Suda                       Machigai Sagashi
6.  Official HIGE DANdism    Pretender
7.  Foorin                                  Paprika
8.  King Gnu                            Hakujitsu
9.  LiSA                                    Gurenge
10.  Radwimps                         Ai ni Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru kai

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