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Monday, October 21, 2019

Keiko Okuda -- Tameiki no Yokan(ため息の予感)

Man, what a morning! Election Day in Canada and Enthronement Eve in Japan. Plus, I had to negotiate a new telecommunications bundle plan with my provider, but just when everything was settled, somebody on the other side screwed up and I was left without internet for almost 2 hours just before a translation assignment was to come in. Everything is fine now and I got a $50 discount on the monthly payments but I've been sighing all over the place in physical and existential fatigue.

This gives me the perfect opportunity to introduce this particular song by 80s aidoru Keiko Okuda(奥田圭子), "Tameiki no Yokan" (Premonition of Sighs). For me, this strikes me as the quintessential aidoru tune of that decade: breezy and twinkly in the music with the nasal and slightly off-tune/on-tune delivery. Just the tonic to help me cool down after rushing through the assignment."Tameiki no Yokan" was written by veteran lyricist Yoshiko Miura(三浦徳子)and composed by Toshitaro Hiejima/Hieshima(稗島寿太郎)and it was a track in her lone album "cresc." from November 1985. It did only modestly, peaking at No. 90 on Oricon.

Along with that one album, the Hiroshima Prefecture-born Okuda also released 5 singles up to late 1987 and had her work as an actress up to the end of the century. After retiring from show business, she dabbled in producing her own line of anti-aging cosmetics called viento de KINO according to her J-Wiki bio.

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