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Thursday, October 31, 2019

H2O -- Passing Rain(パッシング・レイン)

Yup, still miss "Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon"(小林さんちのメイドラゴン)from a couple of years ago, and when I listened to the song of this article, I immediately thought about little Kanna tramping her boots in the rain from one episode. Warning: the above looping video lasts for about 10 hours!

We've been getting our fair share of rain over the past two weeks, but that's the way it goes when the seasons change here in Toronto. However, one doesn't have to necessarily mourn its presence and certainly the good lads of H2O, Kenji Nakazawa(中沢堅司)and Masaki Akashio(赤塩正樹), make a nice show of "Passing Rain".

Looking up "Passing Rain" online for the usual information, initially I could only see it in association with the duo's BEST compilation "Omoide ga Ippai ~the best collection~"(想い出がいっぱい)which was actually released in 2003. From that arrangement which sounds like some lovely 1970s New Music sounds, I knew that "Passing Rain" couldn't be that new. And after looking through their original albums, I discovered that it was indeed part of their sophomore album "Wait a second" from February 1982.

Written by Masako Arikawa(有川正沙子), who had also helped out on a majority of the tracks on Akira Terao's(寺尾聰)City Pop classic "Reflections" the previous year, and composed by H2O's Nakazawa, "Passing Rain" is the type of tune to walk to as the precipitation lets up or it's a mellow song to relax to in a cafe while drying out from the elements. It's definitely one of those stop-and-smell-the-roses numbers.

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