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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Lyrics for Minako Yoshida's "Midnight Driver"?

Received an inquiry from fellow City Pop fan citypoper 234 last night regarding Minako Yoshida's(吉田美奈子)"Midnight Driver" from her 1980 album "Monochrome". Apparently searching for the lyrics for the song online has been fruitless and I myself don't own the album...yet so I can't really assist there. However, if there is at least one of you who may have "Monochrome" and can send a copy of the lyrics via the Contact Form on the right side of the blog (or even in the Comments section) or let me know of a site that actually has the words, then that would be great.


  1. Here's a scan of the lyrics sheet:

    1. Thanks, Daemonskald! I've let citypoper know.

    2. I deeply appreicate Daemonskald and J-Canuck's help! Now I can run any park in the evening, listening to this music while thinking about the meaning of the awesome lyric of this song :) Hope you keep up the citypop songs as I'm also one of the big fans of your site!

    3. Hello, citypoper. Glad that you have your musical accompaniment during your runs. :) No worries here...City Pop will be continuing to come on.

    4. Do you know where are the lyrics of sunset and tornado ?

    5. Hello there. Unfortunately, I don't have the album "Monochrome" so I don't have access to the lyrics either.


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