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Friday, October 18, 2019

Yuki Kato -- Gokai(誤解)

One of those singers whose information is hard to come by, I could only find out that Yuki Kato(加藤有紀)was a singer-lyricist who had graduated from Keio University. Otherwise, she released a couple of singles and a couple of albums in 1983.

The B-side to her 2nd single, "Nazo wa Tokanai de"(謎はと・か・な・い・で...Don't Solve the Mystery), "Gokai" (Misunderstandings) isn't a major City Pop classic but I think that it's a jaunty enough urban contemporary tune paired with Kato's breathy delivery. Written by Machiko Ryu(竜真知子)and composed by Akira Senju(千住明), the way Kato sings and the overall arrangement by Tadashige Matsui(松井忠重)makes me think that "Gokai" straddles the line between City Pop and 80s aidoru.


  1. i've been looking for her information! thanks for this post, I thought black jack was an amazing single from her, wonder where she's at right now!

    1. Hello, def_indie. Thanks very much for your comments despite what little info I could get on her. I've got no idea what ever happened to her.


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