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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ryohei Yamanashi -- Blue On Blue

I've only known about singer-songwriter Ryohei Yamanashi(山梨鐐平)for a small amount of time but in the past number of months, I've already written about his swinging lap-of-luxury solo tune "Taiyo ga Shitteiru"(太陽が知っている)from 1982 thanks to its inclusion on one of the "Light Mellow" CDs and then a song by his old band Do!, "Yoake made Tenshi"(夜明けまで天使)from the previous year.

Then, I even encountered this pop ballad by Yamanashi titled "Blue On Blue". A campaign song for All Nippon Airways recorded in 1992, it's quite a different animal with the feeling of an old 1970s love song but with the musical arrangement of the 1990s. I haven't been able to find the specific commercial by ANA but I can imagine the setting: a tired passenger finally getting to his Business-class seat and finding comfort as the sunset sun streams through the window while a reassuring flight attendant hands him a newspaper. Perhaps I've been watching too many airliner ads.😜

Anyways, the main point is that this is a relaxing pop tune. "Blue On Blue" was released as one of Yamanashi's singles in December 1992.

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