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Friday, October 4, 2019

Takeo Miyate -- Angelina(アンジェリーナ)

Looks like the folk-turned-AOR duo Bread & Butter(ブレッド&バター)didn't have a monopoly on their brand of beach-situated light and mellow least, not according to the subject of this particular article.

Called "The Folk Singer on the Beach", singer-songwriter and researcher of wild grasses Takeo Miyate(宮手健雄)hails from Hiratsuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture, he was awakened to the wonders of music during junior high school. Switching from electric to acoustic guitar after being strongly influenced by musician Nobuyasu Okabayashi(岡林信康), Miyate started falling for folk music.

Strangely enough, he was actually working as a cook at the Cafe Bread & Butter in Chigasaki City when he met Bread & Butter which gained Miyate access to a lot of other musicians during their concerts. Then in 1984, one-half of Bread & Butter, Fuyumi Iwasawa(岩沢二弓), produced Miyate's debut album, "Za Za Za" from which this particular song arose, "Angelina".

Even the cover of "Za Za Za" reminds me of Bread & Butter's AOR albums. As for "Angelina", which was created by Miyate, I do like his vocals and the keyboard work as they instantly put me at ease. Although I think the song basically occupies the Resort Pop corner of J-AOR, there is also something of the city in the arrangement as well. A nice song to discover by this singer who now goes by the name of Temiyan(テミヤン).

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