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Thursday, October 24, 2019

m-flo -- EKTO

Long time no see, m-flo. For that matter, long time no see, LISA!

Indeed, it's been a couple of years since I put up an m-flo tune, and it was around that time that original member LISA came back to the group for the first time in about 15 years (the Tripod is back!). But for me, it's only just been this year that I've heard the old trio back together again through their music video for "EKTO" which is also part of their July 2019 single "mortal portal e.p.".

Remembering their party-hearty material from the late 1990s going into the 2000s, with and without LISA, "EKTO" strikes me as being a more subdued and an older-but-wiser-if-sadder love ballad about regrets and recriminations being thrown back and forth. Still, it's undeniably m-flo with LISA's voice and Verbal's mid-tune rapping. And before I got any impressions that the original Tripod was going to slow down, I also did hear the catchy "Mars Drive" from "mortal portal e.p." just now.👍


  1. I loved Lisa in m-flo and stopped listening when she left (except for that time Namie partnered with them). Glad to hear she’s back and I’ll be checking this out for sure.

    1. Hello there. Although I enjoyed the "m-flo loves" series, it was good to hear that LISA returned to the fold a couple of years ago.


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