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Monday, October 14, 2019

Study -- Can now, Can now

Last season on the anime "Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai"(ぼくたちは勉強ができない), the main female characters were not only struggling with their studies but also with their feelings for their friend and tutor, Nariyuki. Well, after seeing the first two episodes of the second season yesterday, they're still struggling, and the miscommunications and inadvertent innuendos continue flying out faster than the jokes on a typical episode of "Three's Company". Of course, that has to include the mandatory onsen/beach episode.

Still early days for Anime Season Fall 2019 so I didn't expect a full version of theme songs to come out, but I think I may have come across the first earworm of the season for me with the opening theme to "Bokuben", "Can now, Can now". The opening theme from the first season was performed by Study, consisting of the three main female seiyuuHaruka Shiraishi(白石晴香), Miyu Tomita(富田美憂)and Sayumi Suzushiro(鈴代紗弓), but this time around, it's an expanded Study behind the opener with the additions of Lynn as uptight teacher Mafuyu Kurisu(桐須真冬)and Madoka Asahina(朝日奈丸佳)as the saucy Asumi Kominami(小美浪あすみ).

Those opening credits have gotten a bit fancier and "Can now, Can now" is perhaps even more lighthearted than "Seishun Zeminaru" (Salad Day Seminar). In fact, I could compare it to a typical PreCure opening song. Kentaro Sonoda(園田健太郎)took care of words and music for the song.

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