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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Miki Kobayashi -- Taiyou no Yuuwaku(太陽の誘惑)

Usually when I talk about aidoru who have come and went like the wind, my impression is that it's been the case with the 80s teenyboppers. However, that was probably also the case with their 1970s predecessors.

The young lady above who looks like she dropped her contact lenses somewhere on the beach is Miki Kobayashi(小林美樹)who had a very short career as an aidoru between 1974 and 1975. Born in Yamagata Prefecture, according to her J-Wiki profile, Kobayashi entered the audition competitions on NTV's "Star Tanjo!"(スター誕生!...A Star is Born!)in 1973, passed and joined up with entertainment company Gei-Ei Productions.

Unfortunately, none of her 4 singles became hits and here I introduce her final single from July 1975, "Taiyou no Yuuwaku" (Temptation of the Sun). I've yet to hear any of her first three efforts but this particular release doesn't sound too bad with its somewhat updated Group Sounds arrangement and Kobayashi actually comes as a pretty decent singer. Rei Nakanishi(なかにし礼)was the lyricist while Yasutoshi Nakajima(中島安敏)took care of the music.

The following year, Kobayashi left the industry and went to Meiji University following which she joined TV Niigata as an announcer in 1981. Then in 1984, she left the network to become a freelance announcer, becoming a co-host on an NHK business news program in 1988.

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