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Friday, February 19, 2021

Makiko Takada -- Okuri Kaze(送り風)


I was reading on one Ameblo blog where the author believed that this track from Makiko Takada's(高田真樹子)1977 2nd album "Fukigen na Tenshi"(不機嫌な天使...Moody Angel) had been ahead of its time, and if it had been released later in the 1980s, it probably would have garnered a bigger response.

Not quite sure if I agree with that opinion since I think "Okuri Kaze" (The Blowing Wind) sounds just right for its time. The chorus, the electric guitar and the keyboards make the song a pretty quintessential 1970s light and mellow number, perfect for a stroll along the sunny beach. However, now that the comparison has presented itself, I wonder what an 80s-arranged version of the song would have sounded like.

I just talked about him a couple of days ago since he's due to retire at the end of 2021, but lyricist Kei Ogura(小椋佳)was responsible for the words for "Okuri Kaze" while Katsu Hoshi(星勝)took care of the music. According to that same blog, Hoshi was also helping out on backing chorus. By the way, I also wrote about another track from "Fukigen na Tenshi" a couple of years back, the cool "Yuutsu Denwa"(憂鬱電話).

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