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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sandii & The Sunsetz -- Where the Fire Still Burns


Yeah, I would agree with one commenter under the YouTube video for this song that there is something quite Kate Bush about it.

And I think that commenter is probably thinking about the lower tones that Bush can reach rather than the really high notes which is more a comparison to Akiko Yano's(矢野顕子)vocals. But this time, we're talking about Sandii & The Sunsetz' "Where the Fire Still Burns" from the band's 1982 album "Immigrants".

Perhaps it's a bit of a punny thing to say considering the title, but indeed the song is very smoky, exotic and exotica as Sandii herself seems to slowly wisp herself around the many stems in the bamboo forest as she sings about a lady trying to salvage something out of a relationship that may be running out of fire and time. David Sylvian provided the lyrics, the synthesizer and the backing vocals while Makoto Kubota and Kenichi Inoue(久保田麻琴・井上憲一)composed the mysterious and enticing music.

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