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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

UKO -- Signal


There isn't a lot of information on this singer-songwriter UKO but according to a description at Ototoy, her brand of music brings together disco, funk, R&B and some of that old City Pop. Her YouTube channel has been around since 2012 so she's been active as a singer since probably that time at least, with her debut single coming out in October 2014.

"Signal", written and composed by UKO, has got that brassy and shiny sensation of the 21st century urban contemporary music of Japan, and although she doesn't sound anything like Hitomitoi(一十三十一), UKO's soulful chops along with the melody remind me of some of the uptempo material from Ryusenkei(流線形). Perhaps this isn't so surprising considering Ryusenkei's leader Cunimondo Takiguchi(クニモンド瀧口)was responsible for the sound production of the singer's debut album "Saturday boogie holiday" released in April 2016.

Reading the description under the "Signal" video, along with UKO herself, there's another young lady as the main protagonist who is identified as Marina Saito(斉藤まりな). That rather sparked an engram of memory for me, but following some pondering, I realized that she has her own entry on KKP as well.

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